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Who invented the power of sight? Where does desire and that which satiates desire come from? Who is the author of beauty? What is pleasure and who made it? How was fun designed and engineered? I love questions of this genre as they provoke a level of thinking that cuts deeper than what is commonly employed. Around the year 2000, God began sharing amazing insights with me that spoke to God being the source of all the things that people are after in life. Everyone loves that which God is the source of such as fulfillment, happiness, joy, pleasure, fun, love, a good time, relaxation, excitement, thrill, achievement; the list goes on and on. To reject God is to reject and to be separate from all these things which emanate from God. It is the greatest and ultimate folly imaginable! The full magnitude and weight of this choice will be fully realized after our season of life is finished.

Our mission is to transmit the light of truth and destroy the powers of deception that are blinding people to reality. People enjoy that which comes from God, but reject God. I possess an intense burden to awaken people to the reality that God is the source of every good thing in Life.

I was once sharing the good news with individuals in a manner that we can call “street ministry.” I came across a young man hanging out with his friends and bragging about the many women he has chased and “conquered.” I commented to him, “I see you enjoy do I! Let me ask you a question.” “What-up?” he asked. “Who created the pleasure that you enjoy so much?” I asked. To this he and his friends paused for a while and then he said, “I guess God.” “Exactly!” I replied. “Don’t you think that the creator knows how the pleasures are to be enjoyed and the parameters necessary to protect them?” From there I then shared with him among many other things how backwards it was to love and enjoy that which God gives while simultaneously blacklisting Him from our lives.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalms 16:11) (ESV)


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